Tuesday Afternoon at Hay Street

It was tuesday afternoon when we were going to apple store at Hay Street. When I talked to my son in my language to told him for being careful with the thing that he played there, then a man came to us. He said “Are you staying here? Are you from Indonesia”. I said “yes”. Then me and my husband talked to him. He was a great man. He worked for Exxon and he was an expert for Natural gas. He already stayed around the world. I didn’t know why? But I guess God sent him to us to lighten up our life. He gave us some lessons about life and it’s trully what we need for solving our problem now. He gave us enlightenmen. He said that life without lie is making your life light. That’s true, I had been lied to my husband for years and I feel that my life it’s hard even outside people see that my life is beautiful but inside I feel empty. He told us about marriage. He said ” you can draw about a perfect man that you dream about but after that you have to choose to torn your picture about the man in your dream or your marriage?” The answer is up to you. And now I thought I have to torn the picture of another man that already come to our life for years and now it’s time for “US”. It’s hard to tell all the story to my husband. But I already did and it makes me feel free and light. Now I try to focus on our children activities, making friends here, get involve in some of mother and child activities, try to be relax and think about what i should do in the future. Just want to explore my self both soft and hard skill, trying to find my interest. Be prepare for the worst, but always try and think positive. Just enjoying our time together as long as possible. And what the most important too, another message from pak Marbun is don’t forget to spend as much time as you can with the kiddos….because time running so fast and they growing up faster than what we can realize, they will not kids anymore, they will find their own world and maybe it’s too late for us to spend our time together as what i have been done to my family. Hope I still can fix it and be there for them always and forever.

~ oleh Wulan pada September 24, 2010.

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