Law of Attraction and Gratitude – 7-Steps For Attraction Success and Creating With Gratitude

By Pete Koerner

Gratitude is one of the more important ingredients for successfully using the Law of Attraction. By “successful,” I simply mean that there are many ways to simply get what you want; but to get what you want, to feel good about it, to enjoy it, and to have the experience of it without creating what some would call, “Bad Karma,” you need to consider using the power of Gratitude in all of your “attraction actions.” Here’s a seven-step process for creating or attracting what you want by using gratitude:

1. Determine what you have, acknowledge it as a gift, and be grateful. Don’t dwell on your circumstances, or continue to repeat or harp on current conditions; just be grateful and focus on a positive version of your goal or desire.

2. Decide what you want; be specific, positive, excited, and grateful. Be grateful for the awareness, opportunity, possibility, and ultimate experience of whatever you hope to create or experience.

3. Declare that you have specifically what you desire – giving thanks, appreciation, gratitude, etc, as if you have already received your answer or desire.

4. Affirm your desire specifically – positively declaring how grateful you are for experiencing your desire.

5. Believe in your affirmation and desires; feel the reality, emotion, and gratitude of and for your desire.

6. Accept, Allow, and Act on the things and inspirations that come to you – joyfully and gratefully moving toward your desire each day and allowing “what you want” to become “what you have.”

7. Experience what you want as a reality – recognizing your desire or answer in any form it takes – being grateful and happy always. Keep your eyes open and pay attention; many people think their prayers aren’t answered and their dreams don’t come true because they “muddy the water” of their mind and thoughts and simply don’t recognize the answer or experience when it comes to pass.

When you see other people experiencing what you want, or what you want to experience, don’t be jealous or impatient; be grateful that your desire is possible, be grateful that others are able to create the experience you are seeking (which means you can, too), and be grateful for the reminder and model of what you are striving to create and experience for yourself. It might seem difficult, or even counter-intuitive, at first to be thankful for something you don’t have; but, with a little practice and reflection, you will soon see that this is the most effective method for getting what you want and for gradually reshaping your life into a truly rewarding experience all around.

~ oleh Wulan pada Maret 22, 2009.

2 Tanggapan to “Law of Attraction and Gratitude – 7-Steps For Attraction Success and Creating With Gratitude”

  1. Yes, I agree. I have also wrote about the power of gratitude. If people would only act on it instead of just reading it and saying “That is nice.” See also to read more.

  2. manifest a miracle

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