Mengajari Si Kecil Minum Susu Pake Gelas

It’s been long time i didn’t write anything in my blog 😀 and truthly i never touch my blog because i’ve been busy playing gangster battle and pet society in facebook wakakaka….. there is no time without it each and everyday.

But now i have something to share with all of you. It’s about teach my little sun to drink milk using glass. i think the time has come. He already 3 years old and almost entering kindergarten so that he’s old enough to drink milk using glass. beside of health reason also we try to switch from bottle to glass. some doctors says better drink using glass than bottle. it can reduce teeth corrosion also. Especially if it’s difficult to brush your child teeth everyday.

For the first time it’s difficult to switch his habit to drink milk using bottle. He take the glass but after that he shed it. And long after that, we find a way how to inspire him drinking milk using glass. We’ve been inspired by a game called pet society which we play a lot at facebook. There, we have a mistery box to buy at furniture store. It can be anything inside it and everytime we buy it, we will be wondering what inside. And sometimes we feel happy with the good inside but sometime we feel dissapointed if the good is not what we like 😀 or when it’s cheap, because if we don’t like with the stuff inside we can sell it. So that from that game, we got an idea to try giving him mistery box everytime he success drink milk using glass for the whole day. He already pass it for 3 days when we(me and his father) are at home at the week end. He is so happy with the mistery box, he always wondering what inside the box. And it make him trying so hard to get the mistery box by drinking milk using glass. He is very happy when opening the mistery box. Congratulation my boy, we know that you can do it. We know it’s not comfortable for you but you are a downright warrior.


~ oleh Wulan pada November 13, 2008.

3 Tanggapan to “Mengajari Si Kecil Minum Susu Pake Gelas”

  1. What a creative parents both of you! I’ll surely apply the method to my kid too. Thanks ya ^_^

  2. What a creative parents both of you! I’ll surely apply the method to my kid too. Thanks ya ^_^

  3. thanks, you can try that to your kids then tell us what the result 😀

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